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Mark Dearlove

Android Increases Market Share In 2011

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Android has rocketed to the top of the Smartphone OS tree in the US this year. comScore reports that Android accounted for a whopping 46.9% of the 91 million smartphones owned in the US at the end of November 2011. In the 2010 report Android's 26% share was a distant second to RIM's Blackberry handsets which had a market share of over 33%. Increasing their market share by a massive 20 percentage points is a huge coup for Google, particularly as this figure doesn't take into account the Christmas 2011 sales which hit 3.7 million on just Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

To put the figures into context, Apples share over the 12 month period only grew by 3.7 percentage points in a year that they launched their upgraded handset. RIM dropped almost 17 points while Microsoft dropped almost 4 points.

2012 should see Android increasing its share even more as Enterprises are now viewing the OS as a valid business platform. I would expect Google to benefit hugely from the problems at RIM as corporations look to the future. The flexibility of the Android platform will allow them to deliver customised features to their employees. Take the example of the US Department of Defense approving Android handsets for use by their employees. Using Android handsets will allow them to install their own security applications as well as easily track their employees handsets, both of which are more difficult on other platforms.

Source: comScore

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