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Bluetooth and Car - sms announcements etc

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I think I've got it all sorted now ... almost :

When I jump in the car, an app which monitors the speed that the phone is moving at enables the bluetooth "Speed enabled Bluetooth" https://market.android.com/details?id=nz.co.mobiledevelopment.bluetooth.SpeedEnabledBluetooth.trial

This saves the battery and automatically enabled bluetooth.

The phone then connects for headset mode and bluetooth audio mode with the car.

Any incoming text messages are read aloud : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.smike.headphonesms

Now, I've got two minor issues:

1) The car controls will move forwards and backwards through MP3 music on the phone. However it doesn't seem to control Spotify. I notice that the current MP3 app is toggled as the default for bluetooth headset controls. Will spotify work if I disable the default app?

2) If I change to any other input on the car stereo, for example CD or FM, then I still receive calls through the car ... but the phone's notifications are silent as they are all piped through Bluetooth, which I can't hear as it's no longer the input I'm listening to. Is there any way to say "When connected via bluetooth, still alert me via the phone for SMS and email messages?"

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