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S2 I9100P questions

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Hi all,

Long time HTC user taken the jump to the S2 - so far.. WHAT A HANDSET :)

I have some queries though. My S2 comes with the new NFC options built in and appears to be slightly different to the standard S2 ROM.

This is an Orange UK handset with the following:

Model Number: GT-I9100P

Android version: 2.3.4

Baseband Version: I9100PBVKI2

Kernel Version: [email protected] #2


Can this be "safely" rooted (as much as any root is safe of course!

What ROMS are going to run with it properly? Will I need to use a different ROM than the ones the go on to the "standard" S2's?

I had no issues rooting and modding the living daylights out of the Desire but this version difference in the S2 makes me nervous... that and it's 3 days old LOL

Thanks guys & sorry for the noob-ness,


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I'm in the same boat as you with exactly the same handset.

I've managed to push CWM onto my S2, but got errors when trying to flash a cm-7 rom, so just put it back using a backup.

I've not rooted my phone yet.

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I got bored last night, rooted using this guide


I then installed CheckROM without any problems.

orange branding is GONE :)

OK mate will take a look-see... stupid Orange and their weird variant grrrrrrr Hoping this will all come out in teh wash when ICS is released andROM start appearing for it then...

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