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[ZOE theme] for LeWa Rom

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ZOE Theme




Usage: copy file to sdcard's root. On the theme chooser, select import. Then select the theme and apply it.


Free App in market - MiLocker

Mi Locker's theme - Mystical Oval. You can find this theme by browsing themes online in the app.

Note: the green light line and green glow below clock are animated. You can unlock to dialer, unlock to message or simply unlock. This app does not lag biggrin.gif

Credits: full credit for this theme's maker in the Chinese community - Source

PS: I'm not affiliated in any kind with the theme maker nor dev of MiLocker. I just found it, use it and shared


Update: Downoad link updated!

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broken links. reload pls)

Sorry mate! Just saw your post.

I will upload mirrors when get home! :)

NOTE: Download link updated. check 1st post.

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an excellent lock screen but should add more functions like weather with animation and google calenders events etc

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