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Advent vega - crackling/hissing noise coming from speakers

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Hi all,

i'm a new on here so was wondering if you can help me? I ve just bought a Vega for christmas and love it. I updated the rom to version 8 from here. Tablet works well except for one issue. When I first boot it up there is a crackling / hissing sound coming from the speakers. If i go into sound settings and come out of it the sound stops. If i open up you tube, music file, iplayer then the sound comes back again. When i close the application the sound stops. Its not loud but in a quiet situation it can be heard and its starting to anouy me. When i have media playing I can hear the media fine with no problems. I was wondering if I have a software clash somewhere or if the tablet is faulty? The sound only starts on boot up or when a media program is opened.

I have the following information:

Model no. Modaco Custom Rom Advent Vega R8

Android Version 2.2

EC Version 1.9.0

Kernal Version

Many thanks for looking at my thread,


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