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Hi All,

I had the experience to use the Archos 101 G9 and I wasn't impressed at all. Loads of issues and not stable at all.

So now I'm in the market to buy another tablet and I found out that there are more than one version of the moto xoom so I'm a bit confused which is which, the following what I'm considering to buy


some of my questions are....

Is this the moto xoom 2 or just the moto xoom wifi?

Does it read sd cards?

Is the problem of video calling with Skype fixed?

Is it fully compatable with the latest flash (video playing such as BBC iPlayer).

Are there any mayor known problems with this model?

and the last and most imprtant question do you suggest the moto xoom wifi or the Toshiba AT100 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Many thanks,


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