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Most stable StreakDroid Release

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Hi All,

I've been running StreakDroid 1.9.0 forever (well it seems like forever) and it's been pretty stable, the odd reboot now and again but nothing too serious. I did go to 1.9.1 but it was really unstable so I went back to 1.9.0.

I must have recently installed something, or changed something, that's upset the peace and harmony of my Streak though and now it crashes at least once a day, ADW is playing up and it's beginning to get all too much, so I'm need to bite the bullet and re-install.

Obviously I want the best for my Streak, so my question is, which currently available release is the most stable. Much as I'd love to play around, I need my phone to work reliably and not be a sandpit for release testing.

All responses gratefully received.



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1.9.1 was pretty stable for me, but surprisingly I think 2.4.4 tops all! Least about of random reboots I've incurred, really stable throughout. Only resets that come up is if you do a few market updates at a time... don't know why, but just does sometimes. Just be sure to wipe/reset/clear cache/update baseband/amss/etc before and you should have a pretty crash-free phone. Cheers to 2.4.4!

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