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Lenovo announces a host of Android devices

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Lenovo have continued their foray into the Android world with a host of product announcements at CES. Three devices caught my eye, the Android 4.0 driven smart TV, the X1 Hybrid laptop and the IdeaTab S2 10 - a Transformer-like tablet.

The Smart TV, labeled the K91 is an Ice Cream Sandwich toting, Full HD, 55 incher packed with a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor. It also feratures a built in 5MP webcam and comes preloaded with 30 games, the Lenovo App Store and supports collaborative sharing with Android tablets. It is available now in China and will come to other markets through the year.

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The X1 Hybrid laptop is and interesting idea. You get a standard ThinkPad-like laptop running Windows 7 with a secret. At the push of a button the x86 side of the machine powers down and the Qualcomm dual core processor kicks in. This switch puts Windows to sleep and launches an Android based although heavily customised OS. The reason for this option - battery life. By switching to the Android side the battery life is near doubled. If you are just wanting to do a spot of web browsing or movie watching then there is no need for the full Windows OS to be eating your battery. I can see the benefits here particularly if the price Lenovo state is accurate, from £1025, compared to the cheapest X1 standard at £1027. As a frequent traveler myself whose Thinkpad battery never lasts a flight I would be happy to have this option.

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Finally, the IdeaTab S2 10 is a 10 inch (hence the "10" in the moniker, there are 5 and 7 inchers too) Android tablet running ICS. It houses a 1.7Ghz Qualcomm CPU, 8MP camera, and like the Asus Transformer has a dockable keyboard and battery combo that turns it into a netbook style device. With the dock, Lenovo advertise a 20 hour battery life which is excellent. The S2 10 will be on sale in the US at $349 for the tablet and an additional $150 for the keyboard. We will wait and see whether this will sell well considering the quad core Transformer Prime is available, however the Prime is $150 more so Lenovo may be able to tap those buyers who can't quite stretch to the $650 for the Prime plus dock.

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We will endeavour to bring you reviews in of these devices if we can get our hands on them.

Source: Lenovo

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