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Major Issues with my S2

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My phone has been working perfectly until last Sundaywhen the following faults started to show on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Most of them are intermittent. It is under warranty but I'd rather not part with it if its a simple fix!

• Sometimes it wont power up or charge at all, at other times when charging, I see a battery icon with 5 white dots underneath, and yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it.

• the 'MTP Application' screen that comes up when plugged into a computer via the data cable pops up on my phone even though the phone has not been plugged in.

• Sometimes the green battery icon on the notification bar indicates that the battery is being charged, even though the phone is not connected to a charger or PC!

• Phone will not stay turned off, when I turn it off it automatically turns itself back on. Even if I take the battery out, and put it back in it will still turn itself back on.

• The voice-driving app keep starting by itself.

• I have rebooted, taken battery out even done a factory reset. Still same problems occur!

• Sometimes the screen becomes totally unresponsive, I cant unlock the phone nor do any of the buttons work. I have to take battery out to make it respond again!

• Battery life is really erratic. Mostly OK, but at times, it sucks up huge amount of battery life (30-40%) in a matter of minutes!

Please help! I am lost without my beloved SGS2!

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The only option i can see is sending it off under warrranty.

I know if mine had that many problems it'd be straight in for repair/replacement under warranty.

thats what I'm going to do... I just thought I'd ask on here in case someone has seen this before. One day it was working the next day its screwed!

If it were software related, then the factory reset would have sorted it... Can harware problems arise out of the blue? I did not drop it or anything! Just weird!!

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OK, so I booked the phone in for repair. A couple of days later the Bag arrived to send it back to the Service Centre. But in the meantime, just as mysteriously as the faults had developed, they all went away! How strange. I had to cancel the repair. Lets hope it stays well.

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