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Hi, when I got my first ANDROID device (a ZTE Blade), back in March 2011, I was doing a lot of learning about the user interface (UI). I'm a graphic designer by training, but for 10 years I've been doing stuff for the Mac, and iOS. Until I got ANDROID.

One of the things I did was to create icons for apps that I liked, but where I felt the icon looked poor. This was purely for my own use, and to learn about ANDROID.

Anyway, I have done a few icons for developers which are being used right now. But, one icon, the one for Blade Buddy never got sent to the dev because of the Victorian message system they have on their website.

Long story short. I have an LG O2X now, lovely handset. And I'm clearing out unused stuff from my Mac. I have an unused icon that someone may find useful. It has been drawn in vectors so can scale up or down easily. I got it 50% finished, it needs tweaking and finessing, but it is very good none the less.


The above size is 512 pixels square, in PNG format with an alpha channel.


The above size is 128 pixels square, in PNG format with an alpha channel. This would be the native image size on an ANDROID device.


Above with badges.


72 pixels square.


48 pixels square, home screen size.

If anybody can make use of these then be my guest. If you want the original Illustrator file then PM me.

I hope you're having fun with your Blade's. £100! Stupid awesome!


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Sweet, they're brilliant! It really does look like the Blade haha, great work! biggrin.gif

Thanks. Hopefully somebody can make use of the icon. Would be a shame for the icon never to see the back light of a screen. :)

Greeting's to Scotland from Italy. Anil

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