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Dell drops the Streak - going after consumers Q4 2012!

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Dell has already attempted to make its mark on the tablet industry with their somewhat special enterprise devices. The streak series didn't see the response they hoped for and low sales eventually led to the line being killed off.

It looked as though Dell had abandoned tablets, as they once did with smartphones.

In a recent Reuters interview with Steven Felice from Dell, he disclosed that the manufacturer had "dipped its toe in the waters with an enterprise-focused "streak" tablet, and was planning a bigger push towards the consumer market".

He goes on to say that they've learned that the consumers don't just value the hardware within a device, but also the ecosystem which surrounds it. They've also watched how other companies have tried to challenge the iPad, some with more luck than others. Felice believes that Dell have matured in light of this and have learnt that they need to give a full experience when they enter the consumer market towards the end of this year.

Felice hasn't said which OS they're going to adopt, acknowledging that both Win8 and Android are viable options. With Windows 8 incorporating support for ARM, how would a dual-booting unit sound?

We think Dell will be very welcome in the consumer market, and wish them the best of luck - fingers crossed they'll be more successful and at some point in the future we might see some high-end XPS styled device?Posted Image

Soruce: Reuters

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I think people speaking like they know what consumers want will get it wrong again and again.

Consumers want Ipad's or Kindle Fire's.

I only value the hardware. (Does that make me not a consumer ?)

I want(ed?) to buy a streak 10 pro - They didn't want to sell me one (Importing from China is a pita couldn't find dock connector and tablet from same seller).

Stock UI / Good hardware is exactly what I want.

Being able to plug a keyboard and monitor into a tablet and then have a totally independant Citrix or rdp session is a great idea.

What they refer to as a "good ecosystem" to me seems to mean loads of really poor quality apps (Mostly adware) that stop you being able to find anything actually decent.

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