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Phone doesnt boot

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so ok, i had r9 img and updated flash from the market, and phone crashed and restarted, and then started looping the boot, basicly you can see google screnn, and just before nexus boot logo ir wibrates and gives google logo again, whiped the phone, instaled original img (stok img with root) , tried diferent imgs, same thing, doesnt boot.... wtf happened ? ps when trying to back up, it says error restoring datait looks like i cant write to /data

ok so what i done, reflashed stock recovery and phone started booting, because i couldnt write the fool pauls rom , keyboard was nor working, so i thought reflash it,, reclashed custom recover, and now it could not get tu " flash zip file from sd = sais sd not found )

and phone started boot looping again, so i reflashed stock recovery, downloaded google factory img and reflashed it with galaxy nexus tools, now the phone booted, and works fine, as soon as i try to flash custom recovery it doesnt boot.... wtf is going on ????

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