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Root new Liquid __ Help!

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howya, total noob here, got my Acer Liquid Mt today, 2.3.6, 4.000.13_EMEA_GEN1 out of the box.

apart from an aborted love story with a Wave (bada 1.0) last week it's my very first smartphone, i've resisted their charm up until now, til new year i knew sweet f*@k all about them!

done a bit of reading, and my liquid's UI seems a little different: gone is the possibility to switch to android classic, but now ye can fill the homescreen with apps AND widgets alike, as well as shortcuts and folders; there's only 4 icons in the dock and the notification bar slides from top (like classic andy, is my uneducated guess?!). and all the while ya can still access selected widgets from the lock screen. best of both worlds perhaps?!

i want to root my phone, as there's still no control over storage location prior installing apps.

my first question: can i follow instuctions here http://android.modac...tal-from-a-mac/ (post #7) followed by a partition in the SD, without installing a custom ROM just yet, and still enjoy some control over RAM?!

(a custom ROM is in the books, but i'd like to familiarize myself with the standard set-up first, if possible)

Also, i'm downloading zipped files in the 'puter, flash them in the phone, unzip from there?! am i right?! How?!

apologies if this is all so trivial to you folks, and thanks!

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howya, total noob here...

nevermind, i ended up installing Windows in my MacBook using Bootcamp,couldnt get Terminal to work with "adb" command...blush.gif but now my Liquid is rooted! happy.gif

now back with me to the Liquid forum, to make up me mind about a custom ROM...

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