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searching for new rom

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hello guys i am a proud owner of ob for about o month and after playing with the stock rom i am looking for a custom rom.

i previously owned an samsung omnia 2 windows mobile phone with a wide selections of roms of every kind to play with. for ob i only find about cyanogen rom and nova rom.

i am looking for performance and maximizing the battery. i read about nova that is a light rom with a lot of tweaks but it is based on android 2.2. on the other hand i read that android 2.3 is a little bit faster and better for the battery and cyanogen is based on 2.3 and it has more potentials for tweaks than nova. what is your opinion? is there any other rom that i should consider?

and one final thing i want to ask. i read that with smart flash u can flash to the stock rom. from what i read it can unbrick your phone or replace the custom rom if i don't like it (in that impossible case!!!). i just want someone to confirm that.

thanks in advanced guys!!!!

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Sorry to say that but this forum about P970 is dead. You will find what you are looking for at xda-developers forum.

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