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HOW TO change / remap the spotify key on the INQ cloud touch!

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Yo guys, I wanted to share how I've been able to change the spotify key on my INQ so that it activates the camera (handy.) I am also wanting to get some help to see if i can make it work as a play/pause button for other media apps (such as soundcloud, tune-in radio etc.) So some more advanced users than me could perhaps help for that? But for those of you wanting to change it to the camera, heres how to...

First of all, you need to root your phone, which you can do using an app called visionary +, (there are many apps for this) there are lots of tutorials for this, I read ones on this forum in order to do it. But in basics, get visionary +, open the app, run the temp root and then run the perm root immediately afterwards, some people have had problems with this app so use at your own risk! But my experience with this app and the latest software update from INQ was almost too easy, rooting can be risky but its well worth doing. Another thing to note is that titanium backup (an app you can use once rooted to fully backup your phone incase you buggar it up) doesnt have a pre-set for the INQ cloud touch yet.. so be careful if you use a pre-set for another device (if any advanced users know a solution until a preset is added please comment!)

So for those not in the know about this sexy beautiful and affordable device, is that it has a dedicated hardware key which can launch spotify at any moment and play and pause, which kicks arse if you pay the £10 a month, but if you dont, the key becomes absolutely useless, and it would be nice to use it to play local music, sound cloud or tune in radio too. The solution is to remap the hardware key, using an application called ButtonRemapper, which isnt available yet on the market, and is in beta, you can get it here..http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=850464

You may notice that once you run it you cannot tell what key the spotify key is, on my device, it was 212. This is actually normally the button code used for camera activation interestingly. I found out which key it was by using the KeynrTracker app which was attached in the above posting. (you might want to use the same app to check in case INQ have varying hardware configurations in the same device. <-- but that seems highly unlikely.)

Then open the buttonremapper app you should have downloaded by now, (the link above if you missed it) and it will display all the various hard keys on the device, scroll down til you see 212, and then hit it to change it, and select camera from the various options. You will need to reboot your cloud touch for it to start working.

Interestingly, the first time you open it, you have the option to pick from various camera apps, if you have the excellent vignette installed for example, and choose one as the default (dont worry, this can be changed later, google 'changing default apps android')

AND VOILA! its done! bye bye spotify key!

One thing to note is that at first the button seemed laggy as sh*t but i rebooted once more and it asked again for the default application before working extremely smoothly! its actually the most perfect camera key, as it has two stages! to launch the app, you have to press it down fully, then once in the app, you can press it half way down, and it will focus, and then all the way to take a photograph, just like a digicam! I am certain this was designed to be a camera button initially, otherwise, why use a two stage depression, and the placement of it is phenominal for use of a camera. I reckon INQ got in touch with facebook and zuckerberg made them integrate spotify as facebook and spotify are full bum chums, perhaps this phone is the twisted love child of facebook and spotify?

Now this is where I need some help from someone with more brainz than i! that spotify key is already set to "play media pause" but for some reason rather than playing and pausing all media, it still only controls spotify, and not any other media applications (like androids stock music player) so obviously this key button command is going through some INQ channel for its appropriate response. I am inclined to think that perhaps uninstalling spotify from the device (its a native app so that would mean treating it like bloatware) But what would be fantastic is if this singular button could play and pause the music app which was most recently opened, allowing you to use it for tune-in, sound cloud and androids stock player, power amp, vlc and etc, what do you think?


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