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Yellowish tint - Returning to samsung?

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Some of you may already know I purchased my Galaxy Nexus in early December from three on pay as you go. I've been very happy with the phone, but i've now noticed a disturbing yellowish tint developing from the top to the bottom of the screen. While the bottom of the screen is perfectly coloured, the top is significantly more yellow and a gradient is incredibly apparent when typing in landscape mode on the keyboard. Or doing anything with a static background. I've attached a photo of the phone, and a screenshot of the phone being shown on my iPad. Though the photo is taken with my trusty ZTE blade and has the usual crapness associated with that. You can clearly see that the Q is brighter and yellower than the P on the keyboard. The screenshot on the ipad was more to ensure to myself that the gradient wasn't a software styling thing. Which is obviously isn't!

So I'm now fairly certain the phone has to go back to Samsung, but obviously being here I have unlocked the bootloader and installed a MCR. I do have the original backup to restore, if needs be. But does anyone know what (if anything) I need to do before getting into contact with Samsung about a replacement?


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