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Ubuntu on Vega?

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Hey so ive done some research into this but can only find old posts ie. Nothing with the last 6 months. I was just wondering if you guys think it is at all possible? I know there are ways of doing it, however my tech. skills on this sort of thing arnt up to scratch i dont think. So i guess ideally im looking to boot from the vega from a USB stick if its possible? Or install it using some basic commands from the PC? Or am i asking to much??

please be nice :)


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Cheers guys, works fine for now but booting for a USB would be better. Apprieciate your help.

Think you'll find tablet bios is so basic it doesn't even recognise usb until the os is booted. It is afterall a consumer product mainly.

According to a news item on ubuntu where they announce they are abandoning menus to confuse beginners unfamiliar with how to describe the function they are looking for they also mention they are developing a version for tablets.

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