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hi some info please

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1. whats the latest update for the SGS2? my phone info is android version 2.3.3 kernerl version is 2.6.35-7 plus other numbers and letters

2. can anyone recommend good apps to download, interesting ones to do with space,the world, just nice interesting ones etc battery saving, free books etc just any good ones for me to have a look at ?

3.my phone freezes sometimes on the youtube app maybe this is to do with the internet speed when i am out and about? i have a guarantee of 12 months is it best takin it back to o2 to get it checked?

4. is there anythin i need to do with my galaxy s2 to get the best perfomance, if there anythin to make the video/pictures better like hd ?

just askin a few questions to get the most out of the phone which i pay alot for hopefully someone can help thanks alot

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