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Brodit car holder now available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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I love Brodit holders. Whenever I take on a new phone for an extended period, it's the first thing I make sure I get. Together with the appropriate car mount, there is NO better way to safely mount your device in a vehicle.

With this in mind, I'm very happy to learn that the Galaxy Nexus mount is now available from our friends at DSL Developments!

Priced at £24.99 (passive) or £34.98 (active, with charger cable), the holder isn't cheap (especially if you're yet to buy the vehicle part of the solution) but the quality really is top notch and the fit, as always, is spot on (mine just arrived!). The mount also seems to work fine with the Galaxy Nexus' official extended battery, which is handy!

Stock is just starting to come through, so if you would like one, probably best get your order in quick.


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I've been thinking about getting this as it looks pretty good. Is there enough clearance for an even larger battery (say a Mugen power battery)?

I'd say it is essentially doubles the width of the phone.



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