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Vega stuck on Vegacomb Splash Screen

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My brilliant upgraded Vega decided to give up and show a blank screen and nothing else so it was taken to Currys who returned it a week later with the old 1.09 firmware.

I went through the process to upgrade it but made a fatal error. I installed Clockwork Recovery and had the Vegacomb update rom on my flash memory and activated it without installing the modded stock ROM.

Since then it has only been able to get to the Vegacomb splash screen. I cant access recovery mode using the back button nor can the tablet be recognised using Vega Tools or any other software on the PC.

I think I will have to return it for service but before I do I was hoping someone might come up with a solution i can try to resolve this issue myself.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I had experiencing the similar problem.

There is nothing wrong with the instruction except the ROM that you're installing. If you use the Vegacomb HC 3.2 Built9n or b Update3 with the file size of about 7.7MB, then you're using olu the update ROM and not full ROM. The full ROM for 9b should be about 97MB.

it's available here


I've done it successfully and I'm now honeycomed..

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Good News.

Got the Vega back in service thanks to an older laptop which seems to be better at connecting via USB than my high end desktop.

Installed the Moddedstock ROM, then straight to CWR and installed the Vegacomb 9n and the latest update.

Its all working like a charm now and all my programs and settings are back to their original state.

Vegacomb is brilliant and makes the Advent perform like a device twice the price.

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