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[Docks] Collection Of Android Docks

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Custom Docks For Themes

Total Docks: 813


i take no responsibility with the way you decide to use these graphics if anything bad happens to your device i would just laugh, clap and more...


Since not all of the docks are created by myself, I would like to thank and give credit to the other graphic designers who have created such great docks for us to make use of. Thanks to the graphical designers.

Information About Thread:

This thread was created so that other members of this forum including myself will be able to find docks to use when creating a new theme. This thread will be updated with new docks for members to use. If any member has any docks he or she wishes to add to the gallery feel free to pm me with the images and they will be added when the update will take place.

Link For Dock Gallery:

Link For Downloading ZIP With Docks:
Wu Upload: http://www.wupload.com/file/2657186267

Please Note:

Sorry for uploading to a site like the above to download the zip file but please no mirrors of this zip because i am trying to gain enough money to buy a developers account on the market. Once enough is gained i will upload to multiple mirrorsHope you understand



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