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htc sensation 4g keeps freezing

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hey guys.

any help is really appreciated.

i dont know much about phones so my phone isnt rooted and it wont ever be lol :)

i have an htc sensation 4g i won on ebay (brand new) and i live in cyprus so it is unlocked.

A week after using my phone i installed hd dolphin browser and couldnt find a way of exiting the browser so i would press back, back, back and in the end when i finally got out of the browser my phone would freeze. green htc logo would come up with white backround for 5 seconds and after my phone would go to home screen and would say please wait for at least 20 seconds.

i thought there was something wrong with dolphin browser so i uninstalled and used phones browser but still did it and so i thought maybe it wasnt good for my phone to be hitting back again and again.

i downloaded dolphin browser mini which i really like cause u can press exit. but my phone still has the same problem. and not just with the browser now. ive noticed if im on something for a bit longer than a minute or two, either market, browser, a game or even phone settings it does it. not always but alot the past few days.

any idea what to do?

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