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SPB DROID ROM 23 by Yonn

http://mediafire.com/?9uoeq9b1jfeu324 << Click Here to Download

Thanks a lot for answering this. From other posts I read that Yonn_i900_SPB_DROID_V3_29020 is the best until date and we don't have nothing better. I will test if all the features like videocall, tv out, bluetooth, fast gps lock, mms, works and give feedback.

Just in case all the features are not there, the custom rom doesn't sync with the car, or if anyone prefers a non custom ROM, what is the latest available?

Because from another modaco post there are several "latest": My link

DTHJ5 (full update, tested OK, latest English): http://www.mediafire...php?zhnm1jzgmnf


DXHJ1 (full update, tested OK, latest English ROM): http://www.mediafire...php?dt1wouiltmn

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There you go my friend: www.4shared.com/rar/DjEvvxDH/Yonn_i900_SPB_DROID_V3_29020.html

The "program files" you need to copy to "My storage". When you soft reset it, the first time the ROM starts it installs SPB shell and some other customizations from there.

The Omnia Lite dialer.cab is also there but you will only need it in case you want videocalls.

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