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PL2303 GPS Mock Location Provider

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Hi all,

I've finished my App
PL2303 Mock Location Provider

If you are interested in using a USB-GPS-Stick on your Advent-Vega, POV mobii or Viewpad, then you should hav a look at Market


Now you can use an USB-GPS-stick on your devices usb-host-port.

The app was made for
NAVILOCK NL 464 US - stick
, but should work with every GPS-stick/-mouse, based on a

sserial To usb interface

The costs for such a GPS stick/mouse varies from about $ 20,00 to $35,00.

For using my app no kernel-driver- support is needed. The driver stuff is buildin into the app and is loading on the fly.

Tested under VegaICS... with' GPS-Status and Tools', 'GMaps', 'Navigon' (100% working).

If the app runs in background - all GPS based apps get location data, as like a buildin GPS was activated!

The DEMO version is limited for 10 minutes of use - as often as you want.



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