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[ROM][WIP][DEV][05 Mar Build 2] OpenSensation | CyanogenMod 9 - Working Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is 100% the work of Sc2k

CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.

This is a development thread, the aim of it is to get a fully working public /device tree for the HTC Sensation to allow easy compiling of both AOSP & CyanogenMod 9.

I seem to have allowed this project to diverge from getting thing's working to supporting feature requests to allow use as a 'daily driver'.

This was wrong on my part and has been preventing real progress from taking place.

As you will probably have seen blahbl4hblah has written a guide on how to compile CM9 that I previously linked to.

Yes you might get a great sence of acheivement from compiling CM9 on your own computer, however I would take caution in doing so, as with all development sometimes thing's will break in the git repo's.

If a feature you want it missing fork the relevant repo, fix/add the missing feature send a pull request if it's in the device tree or submit to gerrit if it's in CM's source.

Might sound harsh, but that's how thing's should be done and I will not provide a guide of how to do that, there are plenty of guides already.

Source Code:


Current issues:

  • Occasional Flickering on display
  • Video Camera does not record
  • Bluetooth - Turning off results in com.android.phone FC, requires reboot to resolve
  • Probably more

Compiled Builds:

05-03-12 - Build 2 - MD5: f6bf0c0253d1f55e1d0001fb57173620

mediafire -> download

These are provided as is, I will NOT support these build's in any way other than reports of bug's not listed above.

If you wish to provide a fix for any issue, it MUST be in source format.

Please check CM's gerrit to see if the fix is already pending before reporting it as a bug.

Suggested Firmware:

Firmware -> download - Use 3.30.401.1 & 3.30.401.101


Gapps 20120224 -> download


Bluetooth - Sc2k

Kernel - HTC

Firmware - mike1986

Misc Fixes - intervigilium, elelinux and those working on CyanogenMod's various projects

Also thanks to the GalnetMIUI Project.

OpenSensation is released under the Apache 2.0 licence

Kernel is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 - source will be available here


I'd like to say thanks to the people who have donated to this project.

Donations are not required at all, but are very much appreciated.

Any donations will be saved to enable the purchase of a decent PC.

Also please don't forget the other's involved ;)

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hey, maestro :D nice to have a base to play with ;) thank you for providing your setup; only three to five things were left (which i don't know anymore :( sry; but i can do patch files if you want) and it started building. finally a customized cm9 for everyone who wants it. thx again!

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trip, when you're reading this: you're not interested in contributing here, hm...? would be nice, you've got some fixes which aren't implemented here ;)

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