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Hardware Components used in Optimus 2X

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I'm thinking of porting CM9 - ICS of Optimus 2X to a similarly spec'd mobile. The mobile is called K-Touch w700 / Wellcom A100 / Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X / Micromax A85.

Here's the spec of that mobile - http://www.gsmarena.com/micromax_a85-4146.php

It uses the same SOC as Optimus 2X, Nvidia Tegra 2 AP20H. If it uses the same SOC as Optimus 2X, I need to know what are all the components that comes along with the SOC, like CPU, GPU, DAC etc., Also I need to know the components used in Optimus 2X. Cause if the A85 uses any of the components of Optimus 2X (GPS, Bluetooth, etc) It'd be easy to port the ROM. (Am I right?)

So please someone provide me the following information

--> Components that come along with Nvidia Tegra 2 AP20H soc

--> Components used in the Optimus 2X

Thanks in Advance

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Deleted the post. It was a really bad idea as the phone won't boot if you flash a kernel it doesnt agree with. Won't even boot into recovery I dont think...

Once you get an NVFlash image of the phone you want to work on, so you got a good come-back if all else fails, id then just start flashing and see what happens

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