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Digitizer Glass REPLACEMENT PART!!For those of us that have smashed our glass we finaly have replacement!! Viewsonic Viewpad 10s touch Screen Digitiz

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I have five coming from china. They will be here next week hopefully.

Anybody need a vega fixing?

If you order one make sure its the correct one as I understand from my supplier that the 10s can come fitted with 2 different touchscreens.

The one you need is 101H11A1

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My screen and LCD broke..

When i saw it, i felt like vomiting, (and still do). I have no idea what happened to it, I came home, and it was proper broken..

Any chance anyone knows where i could get a replacement LCD too? I have looked, and will continue, but i can't seem to find it anywhere.

I feel sick... :(:(

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