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Quick update from HCDRJacob (You remember me, right?)

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Where I currently stand on the Huawei U8800:

So, I first got the U8800 a good number of months ago. I loved the device and started working on it straight away, made some good progress. Then I got lower AS Level results than I was hoping for. And my parents decided to split up. So basically, I needed to work harder at school, and my life was kind of a bit more hectic. I have still been working on the U8800, and I almost got CM7 finished. The only issue was that I had no camera preview (I was building libcamera from source rather than using prebuilt libs). A lot of hard work was put into it, and I can't take all the credit. Tom Giordano (Tom_G), bukington, dzo and stockwell were all helpful through the process (although contrary to popular belief I didn't just copy dzo and stockwell, I implemented things in different ways which I thought were cleaner). I respect all of the other developers despite any misunderstandings in the past. This brings me to where I stand today.

For the last few months, I've still been working on CM7 when I've had time to try and get it ready for 7.2, although that hasn't been often. Trying to fix the camera preview proved to be quite a hard process that resulted in me wanting to kill the phone on several occasions. I never succeeded. While I was doing this, Tom_G was working on CM9 for the ZTE Blade and bukington has been doing some great work on CM9 for the U8800. I've now realised that the port won't be ready for 7.2 and I am therefore abandoning it. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM ABANDONING THE U8800 OR CYANOGENMOD FOR IT. I am going to focus my efforts on working with bukington to get CM9 working on it. He has already done a lot of the work and it's looking promising. I will spend as much time as I can on it, but I need quite high grades to get to the University I want to be in, so I am aware that most of my time will still have to be devoted to school.

I am sorry to anyone who I have disappointed with this device, but time really isn't something I've had a lot of in the past 6 or 7 months.

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As much as I like CM7, with the other releases of Gingerbread, I think your move to CM9 is a good one! Less stress and more productivity - a Win-Win scenario!

I'm looking forward to seeing a fully working CM9 release!

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