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vivacity and sf2 igo myway satnav

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Hi guys just installed this on my vivacity it took some time to get all the files and put it together in one package for any of you that want it. This will also work ok on the sf2 aswell because the screen resolution is the same 800x480. I can confirm this runs good on my vivacity speed cams and latest uk map are included. This does not need data enabled to work just uses gps good for those on pay as ya go, links for the files are here once unpacked the readme file is there enjoy.






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I have NavFree installed on mine, which is free on the market


As free satnavs go, its not bad, but I find the google maps interface easier to use. However you don't need an internet connection for NavFree to work, though you can now pre-cache areas of the map in google maps.

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