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Installing Cyanogen after rooting

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I have managed to root my android faily simple process im now trying to install cyanogen. I have been looking around and downloaded some files and booted up and when trying to select the files from the SD card they dont show can anyone give me links to the cyanogen files i need to download. Also do i need clockwork recovery installed if so please post those links as everywhere i go they seem to have been removed.


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1st. Are you on Froyo 2.2? I don't think you can jump from 2.1. You need to be on a Froyo kernel at least.

2nd. Yes you need to install clockwork recovery. Then when you boot into recovery you can choose install zip from card.

3rd. Just go on cyanogenmod website & choose your phone. Then you'll get the right files.

4th. Also look for gapps. These are the google apps that may be missing when you install CM7. This will be a .zip that you install in the same way.

(assuming you on froyo, rooted, installed rom manager, with CM7 & gapps on your SD card):

go into recovery, make back up of your current rom, then go back in menu & choose wipe data/factory reset, then go in wipe cache & wipe partition.

Then go to install zip from SD card, install your CM7. Then again in install zip from SD, install your gapps. Reboot (it takes longer first time).

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