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Nokia BH-214 bluetooth handsfree problem

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Hey guys

I bought this headset (Nokia BH-214) and I love it but two problems came up...

When I pair it with my HTC ChaCha all but the mic is working as it should. The problem is that it catches the voice using the in-build mic in the phone and not the one on the headset. I have the Media and Phone profiles enabled in the options. With the stock wired headset I have no problem with the mic.

The second problem turned up when I was using it on my Windows 7 32bit laptop. At first everything was brilliant. Then I opened the sound settings, recording setting and enabled "Listen to this device" just so I test it. All other sounds stopped and i heard myself from the mic. But when I disabled the option nothing happened. Now it's permanently in that state. I can redirect the sound from the option to go to any speakers and stop it at will, but I can't disable it on the headset. I tried re-installing and upgrading my BT drivers, re-installing the sound card drivers - nothing helped. Now I can only use the mic on the PC and if I select to use the earphones, all sounds stop and I can hear only myself from the headset mic or any other mic that I may be using...

I would really appreciate any help

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I have phone of Nokia 5233 touch screen phone. I have also bought BH-214 for my phone. I have read your information related problems. I am also facing this problem. Please give me some tips. Thanks in advance.

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