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Are you interested in Xperia S?

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So as it looks right now 3 days before MWC that in spring season we will have an HTC quad named X One with 4.7'' HD screen and the Sony Xperia S 12mp with 4.3'' HD screen, unless if HTC surprises us in MWC of course!

samsung will not release sgs3 before July/August and anyway it will be also a huge 4.7''

So are you interest in the Xperia S?

I mean it has everything and with a right size of screen (quad will be useless for a good time).

As for me I want to give it a try but only if devs like Paul will bake some good roms.

Why htc is going 4.7''? next year it will be 5''?

Haven't they understand that only a few want something as big as 4.7''?

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