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3G in Australia (telstra)

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Hi all,

I've installed CM7.1 on my old GT540f (Australian)

I'm now with Telstra (who use a 850 MHz band) but can't get 3G, Data, or even select a Network Operator ("Error while searching for networks")

I was doing some research on CyanogenMod for my new Galaxy S2 and found that some had issues with the modem firmware and accessing Australian networks when installing CM7. To resolve the issue, telstra modem firmware was needed. I'm not going to flash a custom ROM to my Galaxy S2 just yet, but I'd like to get this issue with my GT540 resolved first.

I'm still doing some research, but it looks like I can convert a telstra modem firmware (DVJV4) and flash it on my CM7 GT540. as suggested on this (I9100T) forum and this (I9000) one too (although not explicitly for the GT540).

I was just wondering whether anyone has done this, or if there is a better way to go about fixing this issue.

Or am I completely way off and there isn't an issue?

Thanks in advance!

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