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CM7 & MIUI for Streak now available

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Not sure if everyone is aware of the thread up on XDA or not, but here it is.


Somebody posted about this from some Korean forums. Apparently, someone out there got both CM7 & MIUI working on the Streak! I've tried both and, apart from the relatively high battery drain compared to the existing GB ROMs, everything else is pretty good. Fast and stable! Especially CM7.

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weird how it asks for a sim network unlock pin

I've had the same problem, went away after a factory reset but i really dont know what it is. You can also just press 'dismiss' and go on without any issues. but there is something wring with the network settings too (the APN is not selected correctly - solution to this is also easy, just select correct APN in the android settings menu) and maybe or maybe not this is connected.

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