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Would moving to Vegacomb improve mp4 playback?

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I'm still using Corvus 5.1 - tried Vegacomb a few months ago, but for some forgotten reason, didn't like so went back to Corvus.

What with Newsgroups now adopting .mp4 as the norm for SD TV programs, .avi versions seem to be on the way out.

But the playback of mp4 is too juddery. I've tried all the main media players (stock/mobo/dice/BX/Vplayer/Rockplayer/etc), but none seem to play well. Audio is ok, but not the video.

Here's the info for a typical mp4 file I'm trying to play

Resolution....: 720x404

Video Codec...: h264 Video Bitrate.: 1118kbps

Audio Bitrate.: 2ch, 126kbpsOnly options I can see are~:-

1.convert each file using something like Handbrake (but my woefully underpowered PC takes over 3 hours to convert a 40 minute show)

2. buy a different tablet

Don't really fancy either of the above, so will updating Android see improved video playback? (I've searched forum and it seems some people have no problem with playing mp4's)

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