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[WP7 APP] Test of attention

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Do you want to test your attention span?


The program trains attention, memory, reaction speed, field of view.

The regular passage of this test will allow you to increase your attention span.

So you will be able to perceive information at a higher level and it is better to remember.

This game is based on the extended Schulte tables.

Schulte tables can help speed the development of mental perception, including visual directional speed search movement.

They are used to improve attention, self-control and the distribution ability to focus but to improve the stability of vision, discernment, directed search capabilities as well.

The longer the practice, the shorter time needed to read the whole playing field.

With in-depth practice, even the beginners can expand and accelerate reading and recognizing capability by vertical and horizontal expansion of vision.

So, main goal of the game is to find all the numbers from 1 to the maximum (depending on level) as soon as possible.

Green is the easiest level, it has 30 numbers.

Orange level is more complicated with 50 numbers, and blue is the most difficult level with 75 numbers.

Each level has a time limit: the green level - 50 seconds, the orange level - 150 seconds, the blue level - 240 seconds.

Test yourself.

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