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my dell xcd 28 is not getting start only show logo it happens after updating 2.1 to 2.2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

you broke your phone !

it means the rom which you flashed-it was not rightly flashed by you and now your phone is not getting start and shows the logo only ..

if you have back up of your stock rom ,then restore it ..

it will help you...

then again flash a fresh rom ,but install in the same manner given below....

Usual installation method using ClockWorkMod Recovery:

1.Copy the rom to your sdcard

2.Backup your old ROM, so if anything is broken you can just rollback!!

How to backup:

Press powerbutton and VolumeDown (leave volume down pressed). After afew seconds, recovery will open

With volume keys, go to "backup and restore". Select that option

Now select "Backup" and wait

3.Once backup complete press power button to go back to main menu

4.Select "wipe data/factory reset"

5.Go to submenu "mounts and storage"

6.Choose "format /boot" "format /data" "format /cache" "format /system" "format /sd-ext" - confirm every action

7.Return to 1st menu and goto Advanced and delete Dalvik cache

8.Return to 1st menu and choose "install zip from sdcard" - "choose zip" and yes

9.After installing, do "reboot system now"

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