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Boot Loader Unlock + Recovery

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Hello to unlock the boot loader on your sony ericsson live and follow the instructions happy fun

I am not responsible for any bricking you do this at your own risk

Also This is a program to install a recovery for custom roms Program this is in another language but the selection is in English you must unlock the boot loader before doing this!!

First of all , install NetFrameWork 3.5 to run this program

Install PC Companion for adb driver installation

Enable USB Debugging by going to: Menu \ Settings \ Applications \ Development

">- Enable Install from Unknow sources by going to: Menu \ Settings \ Applications

">- Increase screen timeout over 1 min

">- Connect your phone to your computer via USB connection

">- Press the button corresponding to install the corresponding features on the phone!

Happy Flashing

i believe to get in to the recovery you must hold the volume up but im not sure

I Cant stress this enough i am not the creater of any of this software you do this at your own risk if you brick your device i am not responsible

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