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Softbank MMS on hTC DesireHD (GB2.3.5/CD9.2)

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Hi to everyone,

TIA & apologies for going back to a topic which has been hammered over and over again.

I use an hTC DHD (GB2.3.5/CoreDroid9.2) in Japan with SB's Gray/white sim/contract and I can send & Receive MMS but only using the stock SB Messaging Application.

This stock SB app cuts my SMS at 70 caracters (more or less) so I use instead GoSMS which lets me send up to 5 SMS joined in 1.

But the GoSMS app cannot send/receive MMS, even by fiddling in the Advanced MMS settings (in red).

How can I solve this? I guess it's a user agent problem. Any help, please?


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