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Your Top 5 apps

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First 5:

- link2sd

- GO dialer EX

- GO sms Pro

- 3G watchdog

- Airdroid

The secend best:

- droidwall

- Cash Droid

- Calltrack

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Must Have Apps:


This a must have app. Its an all in one tool to manage and look after your Android devices.


Lookout Security & Antivirus

There is a pro version but the free version will be fine for most people.

Here are the FREE FEATURES


* Antivirus: Block malware, spyware, and trojans

* Scan each app you download to make sure it is safe

* Schedule daily or weekly scans. Get automatic, over-the-air, protection against the latest threats

Find My Phone:

* Locate your lost or stolen phone on a Google map even if GPS is turned off!

* Activate a loud alarm, even if your phone or tablet is on silent

* Log in to myLookout.com to locate your phone from any web browser, anywhere!

Backup & Restore:

* Securely backup your contacts to myLookout.com

* Restore them to an existing mobile device


Smart phones are great and all but battery life isn't really all that good.

JuiceDefender does some really cleaver things to help save your battery life.

It does things like tuning off 3G if you are using wireless, and when you are to far away from the wifi it turns on 3G then disables the Wifi on your phone.

It also uses the light sensors on your phone to change the brightness of your screen.

It also does some cleaver things like pinging google and facebook ect instead of doing a sync. This way it only syncs when there is new data.

Nice to have:

Moon+ Reader

Tried a few eBook readers and this is the one I liked the most.

IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ

The default TTS on Android isn't all that great. IVONA gives your Andriod device a more realistic voice.

Fancy Widgets

This gives a widget that looks a lot like what comes on HTC devices.



If you imported a devices that was never sold in your country you may notice that some of the things like numbers are not formatted properly.

I had this problem with the phone I have. It had no GB locale so numbers where having dashes in them as it was setup for US.

MoreLocale is a very simple program to set the phone to your Locale.

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We're talking about apps so I won't mention games :P

I will not add google apps or giants like twitter or apps you shouldn't live without like link2sd...

In no particular order:


Receipt Ninja

Manga Watcher


Titanium Backup

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It was tough but here are the 5 I am guaranteed to use every day.

XBMC Remote



Pocket (Stores my personal information)

TuneIn Radio

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Titanium backup.


Root Explorer.





Do not really need much more.

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My favourites are

- Link2SD

- PDroid (security app)

- Elixir 2 + Elixir 2 Widgets (best widget app I've seen, completely customisable)

- K-9 Mail

- Mort Player Music, Mort Player Audiobooks, Mort Player Widgets (Mp3 Player(s) that work with folders, not tags)

- Go Launcher EX (you know what that is, right? :))

- DroidStats (show your call, data and SMS usage)

- GetJar (not really a useful app by itself, but let's you get the Getjar Gold apps for free (that cost money on the android market))

- Nichtlustig (Only if you understand german... ;))

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I haven't heard there is an MIUI su app on market :D

my list is more mere:

-2gis (russian maps)

-arcsync cloud storage(thinkpad inheritage :P)

-DI radio (see di.fm)

-ES File explorer (at situation when you don't have filemanager like on CM9)

-yhm... maybe ROM manager(which works great with mine built recoveries)

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