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Camera config file

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I am the owner of a dutch blade from the newest batch which has some camera issues with custom roms.

When using the regular camera app, the app f/c's when a photo is taken and the picture is upside down.

However using other camera apps like camera zoom fx and camera360 i am able to take photo's, but the picture is still upside down which is quite a pain when you are trying to snap a photo :P

camera360 has this nice option to correct the picture angle and now i can finally take normal photo's again, but i don't like using camera360 since it has a huge battery drain and some questionable permissions.

ZoomFx doesnt have this option in the menu so i was wondering wheter someone knows the config file location of this app which might allow me to change the angle.

Alternatively, is there a general config file for the camera on android phones?

I have been looking in my root for both, but without luck.

And maybe if someone else knows a camera app that has the same functions as camera360 to rotate the picture but without the downsides they would share it with me? :)

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