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Frenzy Fugu Fish - free casual game

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Hi guys,

recently I released Frenzy Fugu Fish - free casual/action game on the Market. Game has currently 45 levels in 3 different waterworlds. More levels are in preparation, currently I am collecting feedback from users for any improvements or at least feedback on playability of the game.


You are little fish and the goal is to collect all pearls in the level within certain time limit. You control the fish by tilting the phone (movement is pretty realistic and smooth). There are various levels - pure action, some logical, some maze like and almost everywhere are various enemies - fish, jellyfish, starfish, bubbles, .... that try to kill you or prevent pearl collection.


Usually you can use special powerup to inflate and to be invincible for short period of time, you can also during that time kill smaller enemy fish.



I hope you will like the game :)



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