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MoDaCo Recommends... Best Sub £200 Tablet

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What about adding the 32GB Blackberry Playbook. It might not get any votes, but it is starting to look more viable both with multi-tasking and a growing range of Android apps. I must add that I am still a big fan of the Vega that my wife has 'nicked' from me leaving me to use the HP Touchpad with ICS on it.

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Sere83    33

Another one worth a mention is the S.m.a.r.t.Q Ten3. Dual Core 1Ghz Omap 4430, 1GB Ram, 9.7 inch 1024x768 IPS Display, 4.0 ICS out the box.

Been hearing some good reports on Chinese Sites and is available shipped for about £170. They also have an upgraded version called the T20 in the pipeline with a 10.1 inch, 1280x800 display, 1.5GHz Omap 4460 which may also come very close to the £200 price point.

They also have a whole range of other tablets in the pipeline using Omap SOCs for well under £200. More info here...


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aaww    9

Not only the Ainol Novo7 Aurora is sub 200 GBP, it is also sub 200$ !!!

the specs are unbelievable !

and this is why it should win...(In my opinion)

- It runs Icream Sandwich 4.0.3 out of the box and has full android Market !

It has an allwiner A10 CPU capable of 1.5ghz,at the moment it runs on 1.1ghz (Ainol will unleash it this year)

- It has an amazing 7 inch Hyundai IPS screen (Like the first IPAD) 1024x600 screen resolution !

- 1gb DDR3 of ram 8/16gb storage and IPS screen

- It has USB OTG (Mouse+keyboard and 3g dongles work as well as external HD)

- It has MINI HDMI and comes with the cable so you can plug it to your TV and play Angry Birds Space on you big screen !

- It has a fron facing Camera that works 100% with SKYPE video calls (unlike most of the other cheap devices)

- it can charge form the USB port and comes with a charger to double speed your charging

and the best part it costs £139.99 at http://gadgetfreakz....ips-tablet.html

and even cheaper at

Check out the reviews on youtube.

this is one of my favorite reviews :

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