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How To Root Huawei Boulder/Orange Barcelona

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Hi Everyone,

First on your phone go to SETTINGS then to APPLICATIONS then to DEVELOPMENT and turn USB DEBUGGING on,

Attach phone via USB and let it install the drivers.

If you need to manually install drivers please direct device manager to CD DRIVE (Mobile Partner).

Once the Drivers are installed, download the attached file below and extract.

Once extracted open up and run SuperOneClick as administrator (Right click, Run as administrator)

When SuperOneClick opens go to the top right hand corner where it says Exploit select psneuter

Now click Root and ADB Command will start

SuperOneClick should ask you to install busybox. (select YES)

There you go your device is rooted wait until reboot and should see Superuser in the applications.

Huawei Boulder Root.zip

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I'm having no joy with my Orange Barcelona. I've disables Anti Virus software. I'm running Superoneclick as administrator and I have the USB debug enabled. I've debranded my phone and the best result I've had is a pop asking if my device has OS 2.0+ installed and then nothing.

Ridiculously I've loaded up my PC in Safe with Network connection and now I at least see text in the results column but it still doesn't get any further than starting ADB server.

After many unsuccesful attempts I've managed to get it working by switching on and off USB Debug mode.

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my orange barcelona rooted fine. still can't delete the per-installed apps though. e.g. i want to delete facebook and re-install it to the SD so there's room for the 20mb update. any clue how i can do this?

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