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[ROM] TermaRomGR v2.1 european CSC

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Hi this rom is based on XXLA2 rom with european csc and lanquages.Its a light version i have removed many apps.i'm sure you gonna like it!!!

Updated to v2.1.The change is that thanks to Faqbly,the kernel is integrated in the rom's zip and not require seperate flashing with Odin!so just flash the zip and you are donne!!!










Script Manager

14 toggle status bar (thanks to Creed)+new status bar icons+cercular battery indicator

Darktremor a2sd (perfect working)

SD-Ext partition mounting on boot

init.d support

RAM tweaks for more free RAM([email protected] lowmemorykiller values included in boot.img)


many many useless apps(for me)

bootanimation+sound for fast boot

poweroff animation

charger connect anoying sound

Tested by many users.Nothing can go wrong,but still,i dont have any responsibility if you damage your phone.!!!!


download CWM recovery: SKin1980 CWM (place .zip in your sdcard then boot into stock recovery-apply update from sdcard-select this zip)

download rom: TermaRomGR v2.1

download 14toggle statusbar: 14toggle_TermaRom

1.boot into skin1980 CWM recovery make wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache

2.flash TermaRomGR selecting "install zip from sd" option.

3.when its done reboot your phone.(maybe it take more time than usuall dont worry).make your settings etc and power off phone.

4.boot into STOCK recovery,select apply update from sdcard and flash 14toggle_termarom and reboot your phone.

5.for more free internal memory remove dalvik cache to sd (you must have formated your sdcard with an ext2 or ext3 partition):from terminal emulator type:


a2sd cachesd

then your phone will reboot.it will make more time to open again(only this time) dont worry just wait!



A small fix:

if you want to run V6 script download this busybox https://market.andro....5idXN5Ym94Il0.

install version 1.19.2. and reboot. then you can run V6 script! Please inform me if you have any issues with wifi after that.


I hope you enjoy this rom!

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hi how is videoplayback in that rom?

...smooth? what about youtube? is there smooth hq video ?...will test your rom... the link for busybox is not working

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I've tried your rom and with works really smooth, but i have one request for ur next release. Can you port network preferences from cyanogenmod7. I am asking especially for line GSM/WCDMA(WCDMA preferred) line. This significantly will improove cell range quality of phone. Thank you for nice rom. ;)

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Can you please develope JellyBean 4.1.2 Cyanogen Mod 10 and ICS 4.0.4 Cyanogen Mod 9 for SAMSUNG Galaxy Y S5360?

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