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Vodafone showing wrong specs? Micro sd

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I know it was asking a bit much for them to go off script but I asked the question online.

You: I also have question regarding the specifications, it states it has a micro sd card here: Yet I believe this is incorrect.

Gohil: Let me check that.

Gohil: Yes, it is compatible microSD (up to 32 GB)

You: There is no mention of that here!pcrid!20286128862&mckv=stSZTAKla!pcrid!20286128862#specs

Gohil: Let me send you a link to a page that contains that information. I'll stay in the chat whilst you have a read.

Gohil: Please click here

Gohil: Click on the link above, click on "Specifications" and read on the first coloum right side.

Gohil: Phil, would you like to pre-order for this handset?

You: Yeah, that was link I sent to you. Have a look here. I think vodafone have confused micro sim with micro sd.

Gohil: There is a difference and I have send you a official site for this information.

Gohil: Micro SD is the card is for the storage for the music, pictures, videos etc.

You: The second link I sent was the official HTC page with no mention of micro sd.....

Gohil: The link I have send you that contains the information about micro sd card and it is up to 32GB.

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Well I can't say if Vodanfone is gonna receive a special version of the One S from HTC but the HTC One S I hold in my hand unfortunately does NOT have a SD Slot!

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