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Internal Memory

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Hello All,

After some help and information

internal memory!

while having another look at the fish n chip rom i noticed it as apps2sd in it, I remember (I think after factory reset) it flashed up apps2sd no pation found, while in clockwork mod.

so here are the questions

if I had a sd pation would the rom apps have gone to sd?

I have found that I could add a sd patition in clockwork mod, but what size?

then there is another list to pick from, I assume this is to do with how big the app must be, do I pick 0m?

after this for the apps2sd to work do I re flash the rom?

I have noticed all this TPT stuff as well, but with all the "bricked phone warnings" I decided to leave this alone for the time being.

Sorry for a long winded post, new to all this stuff!

Hope someone can explain

Now have it all sorted!

Just spent a couple of hours reading through the threads, which is what I should have done in the first place!

Thanks to Reider 59, I now have a patition in the sd card.

Thanks to Amphoras for the TPT and I think the TPT Helper app, all worked great!

Cheers to PsYcHoKiLLa, for answering a newbie's first post, "mods and add ons"

Most of all thanks to raverrr for a new fish n chip rom

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