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Sort of System Configuration but for Android

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Hi There,

You know how on jetstar they give you an iPad and you watch whatever movie you paid for on it but can't do anything else?

Well, i have a Neo Pad M712 (Android) and I want it to only play a specified powerpoint presentation (which is interactive with links and sounds etc). Sort of like what you might have in a shop on display (a product catalogue or something).

Is there a way to set up this lovely little tablet to do that does anybody know?

I need to have it this way because it's a communication presentation for my daughter so she can choose what she wants (she is non-verbal) but she will use it as a toy if she can. i.e. go onto youtube - wiggles - etc. But i only want her to use it for communication!

I thought maybe i can just delete every other program off but perhaps there is another possibility???


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