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Epson Printer Control

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I was rather late to the Android stuff but caught up a little with over 20 ROM swaps so far after my unlock in late December (23rd, day of purchase). So being able to do all this wonderful stuff, especially with FNC 5.1 and all versions preceding it, is still pretty much a novelty. As I now belong a Photographic group I needed new cartridges for my printer for the occasional club text files, we do most pics on the club printer. The price of a new printer is sadly around the same as the cartridges unless you use aftermarket ones, something I think I may succumb to and try next. Anyway, I never had a Wi Fi printer before and have 7 puters inc a Mac Mini here + several gizmos like Pocket Computers, iTouch, PSP etc.

I saw a post about an app for Android to scan from the all in one printer to the android phone + print pics from the android phone to the printer by WiFi. I decided to give Epson a go, though I hadn`t used one in years. Got an Epson 445W WiFi printer cheaply from town rather than wait for an online purchase over a Bank Holiday. First setup of the Wifi to main puter didn`t work til I realised my Router only allows preset Mac Numbers in (as thats how I like it set-but forgot, D`oh!), so I added the Mac number and all was good with the world again. Laptop just fell into place and so did the SFII android phone. Scanned a picture to the phone by putting it into the scanner and pressing the scan button on the phone, sorted! Printing a pic was just as easy and the app showed me my scans and pics already saved. It has head cleaning, nozzle check and ink level checking built in to the app too. The app is free and more details are here;


The app is here;


HP, Cannon etc all do their own but this seemed the best one for me personally. You might already know about it or not be bothered about one but this is an FYI for those who want to know, even if they don`t need it. Enjoy......

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I have the SX515W. Although I don't envisage any need to print from the phone atm it's good to know about this app. Looks good & I'll certainly bear it in mind should the need arise to print / scan from my mobile. Thanks for all the info!

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