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Bricked or blown up POV Mobii 7" PlayTab

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Ok ok....starting this with the statement of bricking my POV will most likely lead to someone telling me that it is impossible., and I'm really counting on that being the truth. After attempting to flash a new ROM to my POV, when I tried to re-boot it would not respond to the power button or to recovery combination. I've tried for days to get it into recovery, I've tried the infamous needle method, I've tried several cables, and all to no avail. At this point I would just like it to be normal and usable, and I would not like to be the one who actually did brick this piece of electronics. HELP!


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POV mobi 7" playtab is completly different to the vega and the POV mobi tegra tab.

What rom have you tried to flash. If you have flashed a Vega rom the you may have bricked it.

Just found this on XDA.


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